Empowering Professionals: BUILDPROC’s Training of Trainers (ToT) Programme

BUILDPROC’s Training of Trainers (ToT) began on January 15th and will run until March 8th. This program, dedicated to participants of the BUILDPROC training journey, focuses on empowering them to lead training sessions on project procurement and contract management. Geared towards professionals in training, adult education, and team leadership, the ToT aims to boost their skills and confidence.

Designed for trainers, coaches, and tutors working in adult learning environments, the course covers a range of instructional techniques and communication skills. Participants will also delve into the latest methodologies to enhance learning outcomes.

Through hands-on practice and interactive sessions, participants will gain valuable insights into the learning management cycle. By the end of the program, they’ll be equipped with the skills needed to deliver engaging and effective training sessions, making a positive impact in their professional roles.