The first editions of the M1 certification programme have ended!

In January 2022 the first cycle of M1 editions has closed with 5 editions in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Arabic) delivered to participants coming from Asia and the Pacific, East and Southern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Near East North Africa and Europe and West and Central Africa. Out of 135 enrolled participants, 110 successfully completed the Certification Programme and have been awarded their ITCILO-IFAD Certificate of Achievement!  Congratulations to our fully-fledged certified participants and see you soon for the M2 Certification Programme! The learning journey continues…

The first editions of M1 Certification programme have started!

On 13 September 2021, the first two editions of the M1 Certification for ESA and APR divisions have kicked off with a total number of 60 participants on board.

The excitement was high on the opening webinar and both trainers and participants were eager to start this learning journey together.  

These first editions will last 8 weeks, until November 2021 and will be followed by three other editions for WCA, LAC and NENA that will be rolled out in fall/winter 2021.

The BuildProc website is online!

The BUILDPROC project public website is finally online! After several months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch in July 2021. 

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors with an easy tool to learn about BuildProc and to browse information on Who We Are, What We Do, Upcoming Course Editions, the BuildProc Community of Practice and more. 

A brand new visual identity

The BUILDPROC project finally got its own visual identity! The two hands represent the partnership between IFAD and ITCILO, blue is the colour of the United Nations but also of ITCILO and IFAD. The ear of wheat symbolizes rural and agricultural development, but also, as in the tradition, abundance, understanding, peace and wealth.

‘BUILDPROC’ stands for building procurement capacity. The idea of building, rather than developing capacities, symbolizes the sustainability element that the certification programme aims to achieve.

Learning needs analysis

In order to develop tailor-made certification programmes that are perfectly suited to the needs of procurement officers working in IFAD-funded project management units, the ITCILO conducted an in-depth needs analysis. Around twenty key informants were interviewed, a survey in four languages was conducted among a sample of sixty projects, and qualitative data from 310 supervision reports was analysed.

A Partnership

IFAD and ITCILO endorsed their partnership on January 25, 2021. In February, the partners did the kick-off of project activities and initiated the project inception phase. The first editions of the M1 certification programme have been scheduled for fall 2021.